Accenture released SynOps, a commerce operating framework, to advance orchestrate work, mix data science and operations and associate human and digital employees.

The company calls SynOps a “human-machine operating engine,” however, the main idea is that Accenture goals to make a framework that shows the combination of artificial intelligence, data and humans.

It is yet to be seen if SynOps will be successful, but Accenture has some things coming up. For starters, Accenture plans to also being a software supplier.  It also has data from over 1000 client meetings to notify the SynOps method to IT management and commerce processes.

CEO of HFS Research, Phil Fersht, claimed that SynOps can extend human scholars along with assisting firms deploy analytics, automation and AI strategies.

This idea of automation and mixing digital and human employees has been developing early and frequently in 2019. Latest advancements include:

  • Blue Prism revealed a plan known as connected robotics process automation RPA. The main idea behind connected RPA is that it can link automation and convert digital workflows.  It will recognize low-hanging fruit so firms can integrate RPA and list automation processes.
  • Automation Anywhere defined human-centric bots to extend the human employees with Digital Workers from its Bot Store. The general idea is that Automation Anywhere will propose a market for automation devices and plug and play bots.

RPA and Accenture are trying to assist firms alter work buildings to consider AI. In a recent research report, Forrester Research claimed:

“AI will reshape the future of work. Beyond the ability to take human costs out of repetitive, simple processes through robotic process automation (RPA), AI will allow leaders to envision new ways of organizing and governing work. But AI is complex and opaque to the non-tech-savvy: It requires the close and persistent collaboration of technology and operational experts — not in the give and take of today’s IT structure but in a controlled framework where IT is actively helping shape the way work is done.”

Accenture is directing SynOps at main operations like procurement, finance and marketing. It can also be customized for deployment with already present IT investments.

SynOps promises to explore chances to renovate and enhance commerce processes and advance revenues. SynOps emphasizes four departments:

  • Machine and human talent: SynOps deploys expertise of its AI experts, data scientists, and consultants with 65 analytics apps, 3,600 of its automation devices, and 40 AI advisors.
  • Work orchestration to offload and assign work to bots.
  • 100 preconfigured AI and Analytics by the Accenture Insights Platform and analytics tools.
  • Data collection through a set of storage, analytics, monitoring, and reporting tools.