Adobe Analytics, a product based on AI and Machine Learning, is so unseemingly advanced that clients might ignore its deep understandings and only pay attention to the small set of capabilities they already know. On September 24, Adobe launched Intelligent Alerts, an AI-powered virtual assistant, to give its users a better understanding of the product, which they might have previously overlooked.

In the past, Adobe has deployed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence based techniques beneath the cover of Analytics, to assist their clients in better comprehension of the behavior of their customers, claims John Bates – Adobe Analytics’ Director. This will be the first time that the company will be deploying this technology to comprehend how the clients use Analytics, and then using this knowledge, they will be offer fresh data that might have been previously overlooked.

“Historically we’ve analyzed the data that we collect on behalf of our customers; on behalf of brands and help provide insights. Now we’re analyzing our users’ behavior within Adobe Analytics, and then mashing them up with those insights that are most relevant and personalized for that individual, based on the signals that we see and how they use our tool,” Bates gave as an explanation.

Bates said that this is not similar Netflix recommendations, which gives suggestions based upon the movies and TV shows you have watched before. This involves the company client, particularly someone who actually knows how to work with Adobe Analytics. This is because the signals that these clients provide to artificial intelligence are the strongest.

It works by giving the analyst some notifications that they can check out to get more accurate and deep understanding. If the suggestions are not up to the mark, the analyst can alter the system and in-time, the system can be able to understand the data needs of analyst.

They can set up the number of times they should be given notifications and how many of them they would like to see in one go. All of this comes under the domain of Sensei, which is an artificial intelligence based Abobe’s platform. The company developed Sensei with the aim of inserting AI in all the products offered by Adobe.

“It’s really a vision and strategy around how do we take things that data scientists do, and how we inject that into our technology such that an everyday user of Adobe Analytics can leverage the power of these advanced algorithms to help them better understand their customers and better perform in their jobs,” he said.