Amazon is progressively dependent on tech even though it has over 610,000 workers. These technologies either replace or augment human workers, like the computer vision and sensor systems allow its cashier-free convenience shops and the robot trolleys take products around its fulfillment centers.

On Thursday, the firm declared a latest conference dedicated to these techs, claiming that artificial intelligence and machine learning “are behind almost everything we do at Amazon.”

The conference, to be held in June in Las Vegas, is demonstrated on the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ private MARS conference that is being held since the previous three years. The previous year, he permitted some reporters to connect with the 200 invitees at Palm Springs, California’s March event. The conference is called after the acronym for “machine learning, automation, robotics and space”, still the Red Planet is all ready for the talk.

Re:MARS of Amazon has the potential of being “significantly larger” than invitation-only meeting of Bezos. The company supplied no information regarding the number of business people, academics, and scientists that will be attending the conference.

Amazon promised workshops, demonstrations and talks from its scholars, including topics like drone delivery, Alexa, and how AI can “drive business efficiency, streamline operations, improve automation, reach customers through new services and interfaces, and more.”

However, it has not mentioned whether there will be discussions on any likely disadvantages of these techs. Machine learning systems and their training data can reveal and intensify present gender and racial biases. There are increasing concerns about economic replacement as jobs are being displaced by automation. The firm claimed that the plan is still being created.  

“This is unique event,” CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial intelligence based in Seatle, Oren Etzioni, claimed and told that he has the honor of attending all the three MARS conferences and has decided to also attend this year’s.

He claimed that he expects the maximized version to be like “a more technical, targeted version of TED.” TED is a Technology Education and Design conference that invites experts from different areas to give short-format talks.

Space, abbreviated as S in MARS, is one department in which Amazon itself has not spent much money. Exploring Space is purview of Blue Origin of Bezos. However, Amazon has many examples of commerce related to space. In November, at re:Invent, it declared AWS Ground Station – an international platform of twelve antennas available for lease, permitting users to get satellite data that can be effectively send to  cloud-computing services of AWS. The step is reflecting the increasing convoy of commercial satellites supplying data and observations to many users and industries.