According to the current trend, artificial intelligence research papers produced in China will cross the number produced in Europe in the coming four years, a report published yesterday by Elsevier, a business analytics company, reported.

The survey discovered that the US home to titan level tech companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, are doing well in alluring the top experts in artificial intelligence. It also demonstrated that US’s research is going towards research work in big tech firms rather than in academic settings.

According to the report, in 2004, China overtook the research from the US in terms of a total number of published research papers.

“China aspires to lead globally in AI and is supported by ambitious national policies,” the report says. “A net brain gain of AI researchers in China also suggests an attractive research environment. China’s AI focuses on computer vision and does not have a dedicated natural language processing and knowledge representation cluster, including speech recognition, possibly because this type of research in China is conducted by corporations that may not publish as many scientific articles.”

Other than the rising research firms like Tencent and Baidu, China is family for some of the big-funded AI firms on Earth.

At the beginning of this week, for instance, Megvii – also known as Face++ – was in the news as it is reportedly raising $500 million at a $3.5 billion valuation.

Further, the yearly annual Internet Trends Report and reports from the Future Today Institute shows China’s rising dominance in the AI world, and tech stars, such as Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, and ex-COO Qi Lu at Baidu – who have also been in top places in important tech firms in China and the US – have forecasted that Chinese AI plans will cross the global plans in the coming years.

The report also found that Chinese AI research papers are not much cited by peers, a trend that shows regional reach rather than global.

Internationally, published research papers in AI are 12.9 percent more than the previous five years. In the meantime, Arxiv preprints in primary AI disciplines, such as computer vision and natural language processing, are more than 37 percent in the last five years.

At the present time, India ranks third in AI research papers output, after the US and China. Germany stands fifth and Japan is sixth globally in AI research papers output, and Iran, at the ninth position, stands with countries like Canada and France.

The categories of publication that are published the most till 2017 include computer vision, neural networks, machine learning, and probabilistic reasoning.

The report also says that as a region, Europe is presently at the top in scholarly output connected to artificial intelligence.

Last year, the annual State of European Tech report published by Atomico, a start-up, showed bigger linkages between the tech sector in the region and research organization to vie with the US and China.