In an attempt to convert its capital into an international center for advanced tech and Artificial Intelligence (AI), China inaugurated an intelligent park charged by AI tech on Thursday in Beijing, the state backed Xinhua News Agency reported.

The park is situated in northwest Beijing’s Haidian District, and it features autonomous shuttle buses, augmented reality (AR) Tai Chi classes, intelligent lamp posts capable of recording exercise data, intelligent footpaths with facial recognition tech for tracking people’s footsteps, and smart pavilions integrated with DuerOS AI assistant, chatbot of Baidu tech company.

Baidu and Haidian district together built this AI Park, as a part of a long-term strategy to develop a smart city. Haidian Park, which went through a 10-month revamping process, was selected for the trial in Beijing.

The Haidian district is popularly called as “China’s Silicon Valley” since it is home to several China’s large tech companies.

In an interview with Global Times, Pei Haodong, a spokesperson for Baidu said on Monday:

“Everyone can AI,”

According to Pei, Baidu wishes the park to be an example for other urban parks and escort AI into everyday life.