Discover the Startups and Companies Pioneering the Artificial Intelligence Technology Industry.

As the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape experiences tremendous popularity and growth over recent years, many innovative companies have formed to build out this growing ecosystem. Below is a list of several prominent AI, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and more startups and companies in various industries ranging from NLP based voice activated smart speakers to ML based music recognition software such as Shazam.

AI Technologies Startup and Company List

AppZen AI Back Office Automation CompanyAppZenwww.appzen.comAI for Back Office Automation
AYASDI Machine Intelligence Software CompanyAyasdiwww.ayasdi.comMachine Intelligence Software Company
BenevolentAI AI Global Scientific Discovery CompanyBenevolentAIwww.benevolent.aiAI for Global Scientific Discovery
Clarifai AI Visual Recognition Business Systems CompanyClarifaiwww.clarifai.comAI Visual Recognition Business Systems
DeepMindwww.deepmind.comAI Research and Applications
doc ai Decentralized AI Health Platform Companydoc.aiwww.doc.aiDecentralized AI Platform for Health
Featurespace Adaptive Behavioural Analytics CompanyFeaturespacewww.featurespace.comAdaptive Behavioral Analytics
Meta AI Scientific Literature CompanyMetawww.meta.orgAI Tool to Understand Scientific Literature
Numenta ML and Neuroscience CompanyNumentawww.numenta.comMachine Intelligence and Neuroscience
Numerai ML Financial DataNumeraiwww.numer.aiML for Financial Data
OpenAI Artificial Intelligence Research CompanyOpenAIwww.openai.comNon-Profit AI Research
Qloo AI to Understand Cultural CorrelationsQloowww.qloo.comAI to Understand Cultural Correlations
Sentient Technologies Distributed Artificial Intelligence CompanySentient Technologieswww.sentient.aiDistributed AI Platform
TensorFlow Open Source Machine Learning CompanyTensorFlowwww.tensorflow.orgOpen-Source Machine Learning
Veritone Actionable Intelligence AI Platform CompanyVeritonewww.veritone.comActionable Intelligence AI Platform
Vicarious Systems Artificial Intelligence Robots CompanyVicarious Systemswww.vicarious.comArtificial General Intelligence for Robots Deep Learning on  Edge Devices CompanyXNOR.aiwww.xnor.aiDeep Learning on Edge Devices