The Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence will be given $7.5 million for its development by Facebook. It is a research center being developed to discover areas like human right in AI-human communication and accountability and transparency in medical treatment.

At Sandberg at the Digital Life Design (DLD) conference in Munich, Germany, COO Sheryl Sandberg, made this declaration yesterday in his speech. According to firm’s spokesperson, this is the first investment made by Facebook for an independent center to study ethics in AI.

The money will be given out in the coming five years to the institute at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

The center will start functioning in February and research areas will comprise business, manufacturing, medical and health, the web-economy, and policy making, according to a university spokesperson.

A professor at the school, Dr. Christoph Lütge, will take the charge of director.

Similar to strategies adopted by other AI research centers, the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence will take the initiative to spread its research via symposiums and conferences with the widespread AI experts’ community.

The center will look for money outside the investment made by Facebook.

Last week, Facebook also donated $300 million to native bulletin initiatives.

School of Governance of TUM was one of the minority funders of the report of November 2018 “An Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society” by AI4People, a team of prominent AI experts from Europe gotten together because of the Atomium European Institute.

In February 2018, TUM made a long-term collaboration with Google and recently formed a school of robotics and intelligence and machine.

Furthermore, Facebook is also a member of the Partnership on AI, which is a group made in late 2016 to discover the good uses of technology and AI ethics. Member firms comprise main tech firms such as Apple, Baidu, Amazon, and Google, along with not-for-profits such as Electronic Frontier Foundation, Amnesty International, and the Center for Democracy and Technology.