Yesterday, IBM announced AI OpenScale, its latest technology framework that attends to the main challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI) implementation, such as issues related to the world-wide shortage of AI skills, decision-making processes of AI applications and the complications of using different AI tools from different vendors.

IBM’s new technology platform is original. It will allow firms to visibly control AI in the full AI life cycle, regardless of what the AI applications were built on or their running environments. AI OpenScale can identify and tackle, without bias, throughout the spectrum of AI applications, while those applications are being operated.

Within the framework of AI OpenScale, IBM will also debut the first appearance of NeuNetS, a main scientific innovation in which AI develops AI – producing an opportunity to build complex, deep-neural networks from the ground up. This will assist in tackling the AI skills gap and boost scaling AI.

“To accelerate AI adoption, businesses need one place to run all their AI”

said David Kenny, Senior Vice President at IBM Cognitive Solutions, said. “We are committed to enabling our clients to use the AI of their choice, regardless of vendor – and use IBM AI OpenScale to make it transparent and easy to manage. Only through enabling businesses to trust and scale their AI will we enable the AI economy.”

IBM Watson and Artificial Intelligence

A recent IBM survey of 5000 C-level executives reveals that 82 percent of studied companies are thinking about using AI, but 63 percent of them are deficient of in-house talent to positively control the technology. Furthermore, 60 percent are obstructed by trust and compliance issues.

“AI is a significant enabler of business transformation and leaders need to demonstrate they trust and responsibly use AI. This includes an explanation of how AI capabilities are free of bias, protected from misuse, and consistently and predictably perform. For KPMG, it’s critical we have AI technology that helps facilitate trust among organizations, and strategically supports enterprise-wide transformation. IBM’s new AI OpenScale capabilities are designed to enable and enhance trust amongst organizations,” Vinodh Swaminathan, Principal in KPMG’s Innovation & Enterprise Solutions group, said.

By the end of this year, AI OpenScale will be accessible via the IBM Cloud Private and IBM Cloud.