Jetson recently announced the launch of their smart Voice Assistant for its “Voice-Commerce Food Ordering App”. It is now available on the App Store for download.  Consumers currently use screen interfaces to order food, however, with “voice first”, consumers will now be able to order from restaurants merely by talking.

Customers are capable of ordering, shopping and making a transaction on app, using voice. The payment procedure is secure and smooth for the consumers as they can easily use Jetson Pay to make purchases. Furthermore, people living in Lower Manhattan, zip code – 10004, can enjoy food delivery charges of only $1. Customers who want Jetson to deliver in their areas are advised to sign up here and get added to the waiting list.

JetsonApp AI

Jetson Voice Assistant app includes a control panel that needs no coding, this has made integration of voice order a straightforward task for businesses. Once the list of menu items is ready, a natural voice dialog is smartly created in no time. Additionally, consumers’ choices are kept in record for future notifications and analytics are given to the restaurant.

“As a busy startup founder, I constantly found myself ordering from food delivery apps in order to save time between meetings and tight deadlines but this need led to astronomical food costs and eventually increased time spent in these apps searching for dishes and restaurants. With Jetson, we’re solving this problem with our $1 food deliveries, convenient voice search, and ordering platform, powered by AI,” said Peter Peng, CEO.

In the US (OC&C Strategy Consultants), it is expected that voice commerce will earn $40 billion income by 2022 and Jetson is preparing businesses of all types to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their operations. Food ordering with voice-first is three times faster than ordering using screen interfaces. Jetson Voice Assistant intends to save customer’s time and at the same time assists businesses in saving money.