OneDrive and SharePoint are now powered by artificial intelligence, AI. Microsoft is providing its users with more security, more productivity, the ability to make educated decisions and finer search abilities.

Rapid growth of digital content has made it difficult for the employees to do more work in less time. Microsoft intends to make it easier for the employees by providing smart solutions for storage of content.

Later this year, Microsoft wishes to add automatic native transcription of audio and video files ability in OneDrive and SharePoint. The artificial intelligence, AI, technology that will be used for such purpose is available in Microsoft Stream. Transcription content will be shown in real-time in the viewer window along with the video or when an audio file will be playing. So, accessibility and search of video and audio files are also enhanced.

In last September, Microsoft revealed the importance of photos and images stored in SharePoint and OneDrive. Their search process will now be an easy task; native, secure artificial intelligence, AI, technology has the ability of determining the location of the image, detecting objects and plucking out any image writings. Audio and video files search process will also follow the same lead due to the transcription services.

Later in 2018, Microsoft plans on changing the file view in OneDrive and home page with an intelligent one, for suggestion of related files to the user. Recommendations will be based upon how the user is doing work, who the user is interacting with and if anything is happening in the content shared with them through Microsoft 365. The Tap attribute available in Outlook 2016 and Word 2016 retrieves the topic on which the user is working on, and then it intelligently gives suggestions of the content stored in OneDrive and SharePoint to the user.

Advanced artificial intelligence, AI, technology, used in SharePoint and OneDrive, has enabled the user to take educated decisions while they are working on the content. Intelligent sharing, File insights, and Data insights are the smart attributes introduced for such purpose. Intelligent sharing allows the user to share presentations and documents with their colleagues. File insights offers a quick inside look for preparation of meetings. Lastly, Data insights makes use of info delivered by cognitive services to customize workflows for managing images, activating notifications or other important professional operations.

Artificial intelligence, AI, charged OneDrive and SharePoint not only make the user content secure but they also combat malicious spells or attacks. ‘OneDrive files restore’ featured with ‘Windows Defender Antivirus’ recognizes glitches and guides the user with the steps they can take to get rid of malicious attacks.

Users can permanently take hold of the audio/video transcriptions and the text obtained from photos, by using ‘Native data loss prevention (DLP)’ rulings for automatic and intelligent protection of the content.

Many lucky customers have already started to appreciate artificial intelligence based innovations introduced by Microsoft and are shifting their data to OneDrive and SharePoint.